Cat Tips To Make You A Better Human

If you are seeking an excellent house pet, then a cat is an excellent choice. Those new to cat ownership or just interested in cat care should read the following tips. Continue reading for some advice you can use when you live with a cat.
If your cat ventures outdoors, it’s key to get your cat a collar which has a contact tag. Understand that cats may travel a long distance; therefore, if it gets lost, this tag will assist you and others in finding it. Be sure the name of your cat and your number can be found on the tag.
Cats are often nocturnal creatures. In other words, they’ll be up and about late into the night. Shut the door to your bedroom. This helps to muffle the sounds of nighttime play. This will reduce the frequency that they wake you up.
Adore your cat! Cats give us a lot of love, and they deserve to be loved back. Cats need social time with the family just like people do so that they know that they are valued. They want to feel like a contented and satisfied member of the family.
When getting a little kitty for your kid, set boundaries beforehand. Make sure that you let your kids know which areas of the house the cat will be allowed in. Make sure the kids know if your cat is indoors only. By making the rules well known to your children, your children will understand what is and is not allowed.
Reconsider having an outdoor cat. Letting your cat outside greatly increases his risk level. They may acquire fleas or much worse things. Other animals, cars and people can hurt your cat. If you need to let your cat out of the house, be sure it’s in a safe place.
Discuss any issues you have with your pet with others. You won’t have the knowledge to handle every cat issue properly, so take advantage of the experiences of others. The Internet has many cat forums where you can ask your questions, or simply speak with your vet.
Acclimate your cat to a cat carrier. Cats don’t react to punishment like dogs do. Encouragement is a better way to get your cats to perform. You should place a toy or a blanket inside the carrier and place it in an area where it will be noticed by your cat. Over time the cat will not be stressed about the carrier and will enter it voluntarily. This will make getting the cat inside easier later.
Don’t buy cheap cat food. Check out the list of ingredients of any food you are considering buying. Ensure that an animal protein source, including fish, chicken, or beef, is the main ingredient. Look for foods that do not have corn or elements that aren’t protein. Cats need meat, not vegetables.
If your cat urinates frequently or outside his box, you may need to talk to your vet. This sort of behavior can be caused by urinary tract infections or other, more serious medical issues in your cat. Most of the time, these conditions can be resolved with relatively affordable antibiotic treatments.
A cat’s life isn’t complete without play. Of course, all mammals like to play, regardless of age or species. Even older cats love a little play, just not as rough. Take time and play with your cat regularly.
Litter Box
Check your cat if they suddenly stop using their litter-box. Your cat might have a hard time using the litter box because of a health condition. Infections and problems with the kidneys and bladder may be the culprit. If your pet stops using the litter box then see your veterinarian.
Dogs usually wag their tails as a sign of friendly greeting or encouragement. Cats also wag their tails, but for totally different reasons. When a cat is wagging its tail, it’s actually feeling threatened and mulling over the classic question of fight or flight. Similarly, if your cats tail wags when you hold it, it’s wise to put it down at that time.
The foods you eat might not be very healthy for your pet. Never allow your cat to nibble on garlic, onions or green tomatoes. Grapes, which seem harmless enough, are also a no-no. Your cat can get sick after eating these foods. Even a commonly fed food, milk, can make your kitty ill.
Cats have a very sensitive nose and can easily detect any changes to their environment. It can occur when something new is introduced to the home, like a new water bowl, scratching post or bed. Don’t let this discourage you. Once your cat becomes accustomed to this smell, he or she will begin to like it.
Never let your cat venture outside if something like rabies, fleas or fungus makes you nervous. Outdoor cats are much more likely to encounter these type of dangers than cats who are kept inside.
Watch out for holes near your home that you don’t want your cat to hide in. Cats are extremely agile; therefore, they can easily fit into small holes that you thought were impossible for them to fit into. Kittens especially can fit into small spaces. Know this when bringing another cat into your home. When you find a hole that may be dangerous, make the necessary repairs right away.
Many cat owners give their cats a bath for grooming purposes. But unlike dogs, bathing is not often necessary, unless the cat has gotten himself into a little bit of trouble somehow. Cats spend a majority of their time cleaning themselves. Cats are really picky about their appearance.
Cats can really make wonderful pets. Cats are great for reducing the stress in people’s lives. However, in order to get this satisfaction you must first understand how to care for the cat. Use the above tips for you both to live together for many years.